India Day 5 & 6: Mumbai

How can I go to India, and not visit my favourite city – Mumbai. 90% of my friends are there, as are some of my top shopping spots. And some of my favourite cousins to pile on to. To reach Kolhapur from Delhi I have to go through Mumbai, so I took that opportunity to meet people and fill suitcases. Uju, Abhi & I had a fun dinner at Punjab Grill –

Though I wasn’t able to visit most of them, my favourite shopping places are: OMO at Waterfield Road, Bandra, Fabindia at Kala Ghoda and Crossword at Kemps Corner.

There was a strange incident –  I’d been trying to activate GPRS on my phone when in Delhi. Vodafone, being so technologically advanced, said that I could only do so in Maharashtra, coz the number was from Maharashtra circle. After spending an hour on hold with their customer care, I’d given up, and depended on wi-fi to surf the net. Upon landing in Mumbai, I found that bizarrely the phone’s GPRS was active and working well. Then later, when I got to Kolhapur, it went off again, and I heard weird stuff about having to buy an iPhone GPRS package (whatever that means – do they differentiate between phones when providing service?). In any case, GPRS never got active after that, and the wi-fi in Kolhapur went off too, so I spent many days being close to nature instead (not a bad deal at all).

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