Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

My favorite window picture ever! That’s Thaku, our Lhasa Apso, eager to enjoy a ride in the new car.

Another pretty window that I could never pass by without a second glance, sometimes a third:

Airline windows give me great pleasure, with some breathtaking views:

Some car windows are an invitation:

Our house window in Hanoi never moved, but gave me a range of landscapes that would send me rushing to grab the camera every time:


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  1. such fun – love your dog – but that zebra – wow


  2. Dogs cute in your car window nice post


  3. That zebra… Did it have a bad breath?


  4. Remembering Thaku in your weekly photo challenge-just loved it the way you presented her.


  5. LOVE these photos!!! The zebra picture is seriously great.


  6. Wow, I love all the photos! Gorgeous.


  7. What a great collection of windows. The views are stunning, and I can see that they would be ever-changing.


  8. I love the hats 🙂


  9. Great window selections. Love the pup. : ) That zebra made me bust out laughing!


  10. I realized now, that a window is THE chance for an outside Zebra to look into your private space!
    I’ve set a link to you (35.) at


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