A pleasant evening

Desperately needed a break from wandering around, so I got back to the hotel, recharged my batteries, and my phone’s too, and contemplated the plan for the evening. Souvik had to stick around his office for a 25th rework on his presentation, and I continued to have the pleasure of my own company :-/
Hong Kong by night is a different animal altogether. I strolled over toward the harbor in search of dinner, and followed it up with a very pleasant walk on the promenade. Some Christmas decorations have come up already, to mar the, uh, natural beauty of the harbor. The tall buildings across the harbor that make up those iconic shots of HK didn’t disappoint, but as I haven’t learnt how to upload pictures from the iPhone directly, you shall have to wait a bit to see them.
Lining up some electronics shopping for tomorrow, and probably meeting some friends too . . .

(updated) Now I’m home, and, as promised, here are the pictures from the promenade.

All the glittering lights and the high-speed traffic tempted me to practise some photography techniques:



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  1. Loved the night pics.. gotta learn to play with my camera and do the night thing more often…


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