The glory of Buddha

Magnificient idols of Buddha, many with their personal histories, made for a grand view of the ‘other’ side of Bangkok – away from the malls and markets. The touts did their best to drive us away to the ‘gemstones’ but the real gems were here.

Wat Traimit: Buddha in solid gold. The Wat is surprisingly boring for such a stunning idol - the grey marble building looked like cement from a distance!




Wat Phra Kaew: Emerald Buddha (actually carved in Jade). This Wat was so ornate all over the interior and exterior, you could be forgiven for missing the Buddha inside. Here the idol is in winter clothes.


Wat Pho: Reclining Buddha; my favourite of all the idols I saw. The flowers didn't need to be there.

Wat Pho: The size of the Wat housing this Buddha is disproportionately small, and it's impossible to appreciate the size and pose of the statue.

Chatuchak market selection: In every colour imaginable!


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  1. Cute colorful Buddha idols. Have you got one?


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