Say cheeeeese!

I’ve been practicing portraiture in the photography course. The key to good portraits is to ALWAYS flatter your subject (in the picture, maybe verbally too), especially if they take the effort to pose for you. On this India trip, I had a few ‘bakras’ (literally), lots of family, and some unsuspecting but very willing random models, and plenty of practice. No animals were harmed in taking these pictures, but some humans may have been tickled. Enjoy!

Gossipping while the buffaloes graze

I believe he will use this picture for his wedding portfolio

Parvatibai, as old as my grandmother, ramrod straight, and still comes to work!


Kamal, Parvatibai's daughter, also inherited her stunning features

The biker chick!



Gurmeet, prince of Patiala, with his humble sidekick 😉

Bengal tigress, with her cubs 😀


My mama and my bhanji

The one and only Garde bahu of our generation, Divya

Mom, belying her senior citizen status

Baba, in his element

My cuz, Nikita, has a hearty laugh!


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  1. Fine faces, pleasant pictures. I liked it.


  2. आरती , तुमच्या लग्नाला आल्याने वरीलपैकी बऱ्याच लोकांना पाहिल्याचे आठवते . कशी आहेस ? मला वाटते जर तुझ्याकडे आणखी ग्रामीण फोटो असतील तर एखादा चांगला विषय होऊ शकतो . फोटोग्राफी आवडली ! ….. मी संतोष …. (आठवत नसेल तर शोविकला विचार).


  3. Tarif karun kya uski jisne tumhe banaya……Very well presented blog.


  4. Great snaps and witty tags! Liked the Bengal Tigress One a lot! For mine and Souvik’s picture- “Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Duplicates” would have been more apt!!


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