A weekend with family, friends, food and fun!

Souvik’s arrival in Bangalore was met with great fanfare! Reva had planned a grand dinner the following night, which required marinading a lamb 24 hours earlier.

Pieces 2 aur aadmi 4? Bahut nainsaafi hai!

The lamb chefs – Ganesh and Vish – did the needful, while the girls – Reva, Vrinda & I – took off to the airport to receive Souvik. It was also the unveiling of Souvik’s new look, the Jakarta No.3, which has been making waves on the social network.

West Bengal #1

Jakarta #3


By the time we got home, the lamb was marinaded and resting in the fridge. Just the thing to start the party at 1 am. Reva’s cheese crackers hit the spot, and we nearly left nothing for the ‘real’ party.

Saturday night was the gala – the lamb, divine tomato tarts, sinful cheese crackers, refreshing watermelon salad, trio of dips, roasted chicken for the kids, music hijacked by ZNMD (Señorita) videos projected on the wall, and a finale of crème brûlée, where everyone tried their hand at torching.

The pinnacle of our madness came in trying to ‘levitate’ Niloy, after he had consumed vast quantities of food and drink. Their inability to achieve the impossible was blamed on my giggle explosions.

We signed off early (!) from this one, because we had a breakfast party at Irina’s to look forward to. Irina’s breakfasts exceed all expectations, and are NEVER to be treated lightly. And yes, we went to meet her parents, and Gopal and the kids too.

The spread was predictably spectacular – 2 kinds of sandwiches, eggs and sausages, dosas/ uttappas to order, date & walnut cake, poha; I’m sure to have missed out on a couple of goodies, there were so many! The light was bright, the company jovial, and everyone was in the mood for pictures! Except li’l Divya, who must’ve wondered which zoo animals had been let loose.


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  1. like Souviks new look


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