A change of pace

I did it! Finally got back to work from last week, after 2 years of pure idleness, and plenty of fun. Happily, the work is part-time, something that I’ve done in the past, many years ago, so I still have enough time to pursue those leisure activities. Just a little readjusting of priorities, so that I can still carry on with language classes, exploring excursions, photography, and of course, blogging.
And work also means I had to go shopping for that all-important work wardrobe – meaning, I’ve spent a bulk of my salary this month without even earning it first. It’s called an investment ;-).
So I’m going to be selling minimally-invasive medical devices for circulatory disease management (that’s a lot of mumbo jumbo for the average person), a subject that I thoroughly used to love, for its scientific aspects, but I shall write not a single word more on the topic, because this blog shall remain all about my busy life of you-know-what. I have to admit it’s fun to wake up every morning and think about each day differently – Monday office, Tuesday Bahasa Indonesia, Wednesday tour, and so on. Quite a change from not so long ago, in Vietnam, when I could be confused by what day of the week it was, and sometimes even by the time of day! Well, I thrive on variety, so no complaints here.


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  1. Madamji, varry nice shoes. Where was Ram Singh? Why can’t we see him in the driver’s seat?


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