Oh, Bali!

I’ve been in Indonesia for 9 months now, and fate had contrived to keep me away from Bali, the dream destination, until now. And on this trip I’m just the supporting cast to Souvik’s attempt at the Bali half marathon.
There is so much hype about Bali that I fear being underwhelmed, and have not let my usual enthusiasm surface even a wee bit. As I write, Souvik is wondering about the glum look! But what’s to wonder? We landed an hour ago, got our bags in 10 minutes, and have been watching/participating in the traffic saga, simply to exit the airport. The only B of Bali I’ve managed to see so far is the backsides (pardon!) of cars and buses.
The good part is that the situation can only improve from here. What remains to be seen is whether this place will come anywhere close to my gold standard of holiday destinations – Hoi An, Vietnam (oh I just got hit by a wave of nostalgia!)


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