Day 1: Vancouver

After the long haul flight from Jakarta, we landed in Vancouver last night to a gorgeous sunset. Then David and Piali whisked us off to a rejuvenating night tour of the city, just to whet our appetites for the rest of the vacation.
This trip to Canada is as much about meeting family and friends as it is about seeing the sights, and spent day 1 marvelling at them all. We started to catch up with Aunty Dagmar, then watched the antics of the boys, Ravi and Jaian, and met with Niti & Harish & Chetan.
Niti showed us around the fishing village of Steveston, with it’s stunning landscape and charming restaurants and shops, and the tour at Gulf of Georgia Cannery ensured that we can never look at a can of salmon in the same way again. Different matter that I never really looked at cans of salmon before, but hey, you get the picture? Apparently every step of the canning process had a little history related to the social conditions of the time. But my favourite spot of the morning excursion has to be the Garry Point Park, with its vast open spaces and fields of lupins, and the fishing boats.







After an energising round of ice cream, we set off to Queen Elizabeth Park to see a view of the city.
And the flowers, the crisp and clear air, the mountains in the background, all made for some spectacular sights. Some wedding parties thought so too, and we had to timeshare the photo ops at some of the scenic spots with limos full of bridal posses.



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