Day 2: Granville island and Whistler

If day 1 was eventful, day 2 went beyond all expectations. We started off with an early morning run by Souvik, inspired by all the local hyper-sporting people, so now he’s earned his bragging rights on this trip, and I can peacefully plan the rest of the agenda.
We decided to find our way to Granville Island, via a short train ride and a long scenic walk from the olympic village to the ‘island’, past the marina and the parks and the lemonade stands… Straight into a children’s festival gathering up steam.




Granville Island turned out to be an interesting spot for eclectic art, street musicians, and other browse-worthy markets, full of the weekend bustle.


But, as usual, it was the cherries and berries display that made my mouth water!



Later in the afternoon Piali drove us to Whistler mountain, little expecting the extent of squealing and gushing she would have to hear all the way up. Words and pictures do no justice to the beauty of the landscape, so I’ll dispense with the superlatives but let in a glimpse:









We also sighted some seals in the water and black bears roaming free, none captured even on camera. My heart is simply bursting with joy!

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  1. What a brilliant start to the vacation! Love the boats.


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