Me & You & Some Green & Blue (I)

An exciting holiday after ages (read: 3 months)!
I had a ticket to Bali that was getting quite expensive with all the ‘rescheduling due to unavoidable circumstances’ (read: my off-and-on job). Well, after the last India trip, the immigration authorities conspired to take that job away, and now I’m back to my idle housewife status (OK OK not all housewives are idle, just me, thanks to my super-efficient help!)
So, I had this ticket-which-MUST-be-used, and threatened to holiday alone if the husband did not join me (always works).
I picked out Blue Moon Villas at Amed only for their day-bed overlooking the water. Just happened to be 100 km from the airport.


I caught up on my midday snooze in the 3-hour car ride, and admired all the landscapes of rice paddies, mountains and ocean, then spent the rest of the day on that day-bed, awaiting Souvik’s arrival.


One of the things we’d planned was sunset and dinner at Potato Head followed by some Saturday night partying, but the prospect of driving back to town over 3 hours and returning seemed a colossal waste of time. So I set sights on boat rides and cycling tour instead.



Come Saturday morning, and after a hearty breakfast we set out on scooter, driving aimlessly until I figured we were close to Candidasa. Found Vincent’s for lunch (our holidays are little more than killing time from one meal to the next).


We’d booked a boat for sunset tour, so we couldn’t linger at Candidasa, though we did take a minute to admire the coastline and lotus pond. Candidasa, with its shops and cafes, is a little hipper than Amed which is basically a fishing town and spectacular snorkelling sites, thanks to a complete lack of crazy action on that part of the island.
In the late afternoon we got onto the boat, and that was the turning point of the holiday.


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