…and What we will do to recover!

After saying goodbye to all those friends and family, we did want to get away from the ‘Taman Safari – Widayanto Studio – Tangkuban Perahu – Jogja – Bali” circuit. Thought we need to relax and get back our bearings. Not to forget that Rofa needs a break from ALL of us!!

So we’ve hired some bicycles, and a tiny apartment, far far away from Jakarta. But stumbled into a visa roadblock for no reason at all. Then got our confirmations from everywhere. Bought a new camera :-D. Done with packing. And are ready to take off this evening to this beautiful land …………. where the rail and airport ground staff are on STRIKE! @#!$@#% Oooh – it could be the beginning of  an adventure over and beyond what we planned.

It’s that trip which could be called Notre Tour de France, except that the only performance enhancers we’ll use are good wine and cheese, and a healthy shot of fresh air (I’m sneaking in some chocolate too).

And I’ve got that secret mantra which has never let me down – Jai Gajanan!


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  1. Jai Gajanan indeed…


  2. Jai gajanan


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