Shooting Religiously

I lost my photography mojo on the last walk, amid all the confusion of not being allowed inside the train station to take pictures to abruptly changing the venue to the Jakarta Cathedral via Masjid Istiqlal. Uju and I had toured the masjid when she was here, but I recall not being too enthused about photography then either. Maybe stay away from the camera for a while, huh? But that is not to be. Have camera, will shoot, have internet, will blog!

This Masjid Istiqlal has a relatively young but interesting history – it was built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch, following traditional Javanese norms that it should be in close proximity to the city center (the Merdeka Square in Jakarta), and the site was chosen by President Soekarno right across the cathedral to represent religious tolerance of the then-new nation. There are a whole lot of other symbolic elements in the building that you can read about on the link.

Masjid Istiqlal

It’s a quiet place at non-prayer times, and I think it might be interesting to visit during Ramadhan.

Back on track, we walked from Stasiun Gambir, through the compound of the mosque, across to the Jakarta Cathedral.

I love church interiors, and this one had a museum too.

Hope the next photowalk brings some more inspiration!

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  1. Nice pictures, thank you for sharing.


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