Catching up with Bollywood

The only tiny positive I’ve found in Jakarta so far is the latest Hindi movies on screen! And near-empty theatres, so we can have great seats. Now, if only they fixed their weird ticketing system, we wouldn’t finish off the popcorn before the movie begins! (they insist we buy our snacks along with the tickets, so we end up waiting 10-15 minutes outside, holding all the popcorn, and who can resist popping in a few, and then a few more, …. you get the picture?
We watched Delhi Belly last week (boooooring) and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (yummy) last night. Reva had warned me not to watch ZNMD with Souvik, but what choice did I have? Loved the movie, didn’t care for most of the music. Farhan and Hrithik on screen together makes for a great weekend, huh? And we want to pack our bags for Spain right away…

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  1. I watched ZNMD too….total paisa wasool …..loved it …specially as it was my 1st movie on the big screen in I don’t know how may years.. 🙂


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