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Bát Trang – the ceramic village on the outskirts of Hanoi – is probably my #1 shopping spot in terms of volumes. Pottery is a very popular craft in Vietnam, and this village is a series of shops selling all kinds of ceramic stuff at a fraction of the prices anywhere else that I have seen. But cheap does not mean pathetic, in fact, whenever I’m there, I contemplate buying everything in the shop – it’s so pretty! And their shopping bags are made of eco-friendly cane that look so classy, that sometimes you want to buy for the sake of the bag.

My neighbour & I felt that it was a great day for an excursion, so we took off to Bat Trang this afternoon. Here’s my loot:

Some of these shall end up as gifts, but this time, most of it is for greedy ol’ me.

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  1. The loot looks awesome. Esp the mugs and the ladles.


  2. I also bought a cake platter and felt so sad! In Florence we paid almost 100 times more for the same kind of platter, and this one is as pretty, if not more, than what we bought in Italy.


  3. Wow! Extreme left with leafy motif is the cake platter? Love the little creamers/ jugs too. What is the first thing in the row of vases?


  4. Extreme left IS the cake platter. I only felt bad that this was so inexpensive, when its value is MUCH higher.
    I thought the creamers cute too. Great for pouring chocolate sauce over all the baking stuff.
    And the first in the row of vases is actually a lid-less jar. Very cute! Actually I was telling Baba those jars/vases are great for holding paintbrushes 😀
    Rev, if you want something, better give me a list, and I will look for it myself rather that wait for you (knowing your luck with these bargain purchases!).


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