Praying to the weather gods

My least favourite season, summer, is here. Gone are the pleasantly cool days of March & April, when being outdoors was great, and Souvik & I spent hours cycling around Westlake.

Last week it got so hot that I didn’t step out of the house for 2 whole days, preferring to stay in the air-conditioned indoors. Then came a thunderstorm! Enjoyed watching the rain from my window. And later when it cleared up, we saw a celebration with a riot of colours in the sky – just the sun setting with a bang.

The following day was even better – rain starting early in the morning and driving away all the residual heat. I set out on my cycle in the rain, got soaked even before exiting the main gate. Was going past the lotus ponds at Westlake, and stopped in delight, seeing a number of lotus buds.

The rain was incessant, the large leaves collecting tiny pools of water, and then handing them over to the lower leaves, when the water got too much to hold.

The views were spectacular, almost no traffic on the road, and whoever bothered to look out of their sheltered windows, saw a crazy drenched woman cycling in glee!

Yesterday was fantastic too; our friends, Shweta & Abhijit, joined us for the cycling, followed by a lovely coffee break in the grass along the lake, and Souvik & I extended our ride all the way to the old quarters and back! We’re praying that this weather carries on for some more days at least.

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  1. Envying the beautiful weather at your end. Waiting for the monsoon here.


  2. Awesome photographs mam!!!


  3. Awesome! life of leisure 🙂


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