The fall of the wall

Woke up this morning to a scary sight:

No no, we aren’t in Libya or Syria – this is just a chunk of the ceiling that fell down. As I write, the men are fixing it, but it made a loud crashing noise when it fell, and got me thinking – it’s so common for people to be possessive about things, but does it work the other way round too? Like, we loved our red Fiat Palio, but when the new Honda City came home, the Palio went into a sulk and gave Souvik some tough times. Now we’ve lived in this house for almost 2 years and all was well, but just around the time we look for apartments in Saigon, this house is angry at us?????

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  1. In which room did it happen? I hope all is well. Take care and do not sit under the false ceiling.


  2. OUCH!!! Do you know what caused it?? My favorite corner missing me??


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