When all seemeth lost, hope shalt not*

It was one of those days when nothing wants to go right.

Souvik went to work, and I had a easy morning with a late breakfast, still digesting that enormous roast dinner at Jamie’s the night before. The forecast was cold and wet, and I thought, perfect for walking off all the big meals. The walk was very pleasant, not raining when I started off, but the drizzle started soon after, just as I stopped for a photo on the bridge.

Walking in Warwick

A short brisk walk later I was in the town centre, and walked up to the Collegiate Church of St. Mary. As I settled down to take some photos, I had the scary realisation that my purse was no longer around my neck. Exercising extreme self-control to not curse inside the church, I frantically texted Souvik, and dashed out to retrace my path. I was quite sure it would have fallen off on the bridge above, when I stopped to wear the rain poncho. Right near the hotel, so I would have to walk back all the way. Didn’t notice the rain and almost ignored the traffic, trying to get the internet connection on my mobile phone to look for Inna Aji’s mantra for recovering lost things. Couldn’t find the mantra, so repeated “Inna Aji’s mantra” over and over again! In the meantime, Jamie and Souvik had swung into action and started off to pick me up. We drove to the bridge, and voila! There was the purse in the exact same spot where I’d dropped it. I thanked the Lord, and the weather gods, and Inna Aji’s mantra, and we picked up Denise to have a quick lunch at the Rose and Garden.

After lunch, it was back to St. Mary’s Church to begin my tour. This church dates back to 1123, but was later rebuilt by Thomas Beauchamp. There were further additions, and a restoration after the church was mostly destroyed in a fire, but the crypt from the original structure is still persevered.

There was no more complaining about the weather; I was determined to walk everywhere. The Warwick Museum was closed, as was the Lord Leycester Hospital (it being Monday). I walked on to the St. Nicholas Park, only for a sighting of Warwick Castle from the bridge.

Walking in Warwick Walking in Warwick

Took a chance walking down Mill Street but the Mill Garden was closed too, because of the weather, I think. More great views of the castle from here, and some sneaky pictures of the garden from the fence.

A short foray into Smith Street, but now I was looking for someplace warm, and so headed back to the Thomas Oken Tea Rooms. My phone battery had died a while back, and there was no way to contact Souvik. I was chilled to the bone, but entering the Tea Room, I was charmed by the decor, and warmed by the hospitality, which included an iPhone charger to bring alive my phone.

Walking in Warwick Walking in Warwick

Souvik caught up with me a couple of hours later. Having spent all day indoors, except for the lunch drive, he couldn’t tolerate the cold and rain, so we settled for dinner at the hotel. I had risotto, Souvik his weekly quota of Chicken Makhani. Whoa, what a day!

*One of those titles by Souvik that actually makes sense

Praying to the weather gods

My least favourite season, summer, is here. Gone are the pleasantly cool days of March & April, when being outdoors was great, and Souvik & I spent hours cycling around Westlake.

Last week it got so hot that I didn’t step out of the house for 2 whole days, preferring to stay in the air-conditioned indoors. Then came a thunderstorm! Enjoyed watching the rain from my window. And later when it cleared up, we saw a celebration with a riot of colours in the sky – just the sun setting with a bang.

The following day was even better – rain starting early in the morning and driving away all the residual heat. I set out on my cycle in the rain, got soaked even before exiting the main gate. Was going past the lotus ponds at Westlake, and stopped in delight, seeing a number of lotus buds.

The rain was incessant, the large leaves collecting tiny pools of water, and then handing them over to the lower leaves, when the water got too much to hold.

The views were spectacular, almost no traffic on the road, and whoever bothered to look out of their sheltered windows, saw a crazy drenched woman cycling in glee!

Yesterday was fantastic too; our friends, Shweta & Abhijit, joined us for the cycling, followed by a lovely coffee break in the grass along the lake, and Souvik & I extended our ride all the way to the old quarters and back! We’re praying that this weather carries on for some more days at least.