What(s) the F!

So many takers for F (fruit, Facebook, fresh spring rolls, fishing, food), but the outright winner was flowers! Be it flower sellers, or the flower market, flower show, or just a humble bunch of chrysanthemums, flowers made their mark everywhere, and have to be one of the icons of Vietnam. Even after paying the ‘foreigner premium’, I got great value for money from my flower market excursions, never leaving the market without armfuls of exotic ones, and thousands of photographs too.


4 thoughts on “What(s) the F!

  1. You revived my memory to the flower market. For your birthdays & anniversary the house was full of flowers.

  2. Beautiful pictures Aarti – sorry I haven’t been in touch, I loved meeting up with you and hope the move goes well! Keep blogging won’t you! x

    • Thanks, Karen. It was great meeting you too. The move is this week; thanks for your wishes, I’m going to need them :-). Have a good summer, then happy moving to Hanoi!

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