R is all about revving up the heart rate! It’s Running, for Souvik who took great pleasure in beating his colleagues in the 10 km run, much to the disbelief of the entire office. He had grand plans for training for 21 km, but transferred that passion to cycling instead.



The more entertaining R for the general population is the women’s Roadside callisthenics ealy morning. Gyms aren’t popular with locals; why pay for a gym, if you can work out in the open? Rhythmic pelvic thrusts to the beat of loud music is the way these women keep fit, and fit they are. Age is not a discriminating factor, everyone from 18 to 80 is welcome! Needless to say, no man would be caught dead in these groups, but they are happy to enjoy the sight!




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  1. Oh we did not get to see this sight.


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