Moving on in Jakarta

2 weeks since we moved to Indonesia, and I’m finally shedding the Hanoi hangover. Not without thrashing about and complaining loudly, though! First it was the traffic. Then food (no vegetarian). Then lack of greenery. And lack of fresh air. While house-hunting, we were appalled to find apartments with no windows that opened! Then hardly any entertainment options, besides malls.

Then Sunday happened, and we saw that our road was car-free for half a day, and hundreds of people were out on their bikes. What a great sight! I’ve been following a nice blog on Jakarta, and based on some of their pictures we took off walking to the Kathedral. Spotted bikers all the way.






We came across the MONAS monument, and continued walking past it, past the Gambir station, past a small, pretty church, finally reaching the Kahtedral. At which point we were just too exhausted to explore. So we hopped into a cab and took off to a mall!



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