Singapore Swing

We had to dash off to Singapore for processing our work permit (don’t ask why), so we clubbed it with the weekend, because it’s our favourite place to visit, with some of our best friends, lots of crazy action planned, and great food.

Suman fed our cycling hunger with a ride along East Coast Road, and Vaishnavi offered to replenish our nutrients with a brunch spread. Both were magnificent. Souvik the Ironman chose to run AND cycle. Great weather, great atmosphere along the coast, and we cycled all the way to Changi airport to be dazzled by very professional cyclists, fancy zippy cars out for a spin, and the roar of aircraft taking off alongside.




Yshe outdid herself on the brunch, with a lot of help from Aunty, and we did full justice:



Amidst all the excitement, I left my camera there, and Yshe returned it later with her ‘artistic’ stamp all over it, giving us a peek into Virinchi’s playful side.





The crowning glory of our visit to Singapore was the Van Gogh and Dali exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum. Dali was fun, and Van Gogh Alive was an awesome, delightful experience.





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