Day 11: Wet blanket

Oh what a day it was, just rain, rain, rain. It wasn’t fun to lug the rain gear in addition to our regular paraphernalia of cameras, mobile phones, etc, but at least we were able to get around to a few sights.
We started the day at the Top of the Rock, sadly with just a hazy view of the skyline from inside out. We were struck with a realisation that most buildings looked rather boring or ugly, except a few, notably the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, the Chrysler view was obscured by the very ugly MetLife building!


A hearty lunch and a happy browsing followed, after which we felt the need to get moving again to work off those pizza slices. We’re still trying to follow Srini’s agenda, so we headed off to the Grand Central Terminal. Grand Central lived up to its grand name, with its great main lobby, and the ceiling with constellations (apparently in the reverse order). Again I had that feeling of deja vu, thanks to the many scenes that have featured in movies.


By this time we’d had enough of the rain, but wanted to make one last stop to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, and that was quite worth it. Loved, loved, loved the glass cube, but there’s very little of Apple that I don’t love!


Wile we didn’t manage to catch too many sights today, what we did see was a slice of ‘real’ New York life, and the pace at which it moves, come rain or shine. It was a day for umbrellas, and those scenes that we’ve only seen or heard about.


And at the end, we transitioned from tourists to local(ish), as we rushed at top speed, heads down, through traffic lights, alongside other commuters, to catch the bus home. The day wasn’t over though; we went on to reconnect with friends, after a 12-year gap, and spent an enjoyable evening together.


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