Baking update: Red Velvet Cake

Reva can’t stand the thought of all that food colour, but I was inspired to back a red velvet cake this Christmas, after having some made by my friend, Sara. Plus Souvik and Ma were arriving on Christmas eve, so why not make a party of it and celebrate Mia’s first birthday?

I picked the recipe from, only halved the quantity. And a babybel cheese ‘cake’ for the birthday girl.

Mia bday2


Took a little while to ‘bow’ the cat, but was so worth the effort.


Mia bday1


We all loved our treats! Yumm!!


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  1. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. 🙂

    I just moved to Jakarta and been surfing the web for hours for Indonesia-based lifestyle bloggers to get some tips.

    The cakes look sinfully yummy and the cat is adorable.


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