That Trip… Cinquième Jour: the Big Ride

Day 5 dawned bright and clear. We had an ambitious plan of cycling up to the Maginot Line at the French-German border, and then getting back to Scherwiller (60 km). Wanting to beat the sun on this big ride, we were off at 6.30 in the morning, riding directly into the sun. Negotiated our way through Colmar, Horbourg-wihr, Muntzenheim, and found a dedicated cycling route all the way past Atrzenheim into Marckolsheim. Tree lined, canal running alongside, birds chirping, ducks swimming – just my idea of perfect cycling conditions.










The Ligne Maginot was of great interest to Souvik, being the Great War buff that he is. I am neutral. The tanks and weapons from the French Germans and Americans are displayed, but it is a rather tiny exhibit. Here’s the memorial:



From the Maginot Line we cycled across the river Rhin over to Germany. Found a beer garden on the banks of the river, ideal for resting and people watching.



A couple of hours later, we set off towards ‘home’, following the direct route from Marckolsheim to Selestat and finally Scherwiller. The weather stayed good throughout, with a cloud diffusing the sun’s intensity. We could probably have made it a full military day with Neuf Brisach in the plan, but we didn’t have that weather forecast when we set out.
A few rest stops around Selestat, and we made it back well in time for a shower and snooze before dinner.


As for dinner, our last 4-course meal is best described only in pictures. You get to see the veggie ones, because Souvik couldn’t wait long enough to take a picture :-D. Accompanied by a glass of Crémant, a Pinot Gris, and a digestif.






4 thoughts on “That Trip… Cinquième Jour: the Big Ride

  1. I’ve popped over from Francine’s to say hi. 🙂 I don’t cycle and I’m not a foodie but I never saw prettier pictures of food, and I wouldn’t mind a stroll by your canal. I think I’ll follow you a bit further. 🙂

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