Pretty evil out there!

Last week I was transiting through Singapore, and wanted to use my time better than simply lounging about Vaishnavi’s house, watching meaningless TV. Gardens by the Bay has been on my wish list for a while, so why not?

Singapore manages to do this so well – a perfectly ‘organised’ forest, not a twig out of place! We explored the Cloud Dome which apparently replicates the flora of cloud forests. Starting at the top, where you can see some seriously creepy carnivorous plants like the Venus fly-catcher, you work your way down. Somehow I found most of the plants or their arrangements scary evil!

If you look through spooky glasses, even the most innocuous ferns look like a trap. And beautiful flowers bleeding their guts out. 

Then some simple ones are such a relief!

Oh no! NOT this one!

Cloud Dome


It being Singapore, there was not one creepy crawly insect visible in this ‘forest’. I wonder if they have staff to go feed these Venuses and pitcher creatures?

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  1. Hi have asked jr nagaraj that’s anirudh to follow your blog and pick all the nuances of articulating the thoughts. The pics are just awesome


  2. Great collection 🙂


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