A Grave Tour…again

My fascination with cemeteries continues, this time with a photo walk in Taman Prasasti Museum, a museum of graves, mostly Europeans who died in Jakarta during the colonial period. Set in a quiet area in the heart of the city, just behind the Museum Nasional, the museum is a different sort of tour for those who want to know more about the history of Jakarta. It’s pretty easy to get to, and for a change, most locals can direct you there too: 

The museum is notable for a couple of aspects: one, some famous people are buried here (Thomas Stamford Raffles‘ first wife, Olivie), and the other, being a Christian cemetery, the headstones are elaborate. There’s usually nobody there, barring a few caretakers – friendly folks who let you alone. The carriages at the entrance lobby transport you to the colonial times and are a delight to photograph.

Photo walk Taman Prasasti


Photo walk Taman Prasasti Photo walk Taman Prasasti


It is called a museum, and managed by the Jakarta History Museum, but has a somewhat ‘forgotten’ look of plenty of overgrown grass, unraked leaves, cats and birds frolicking, that makes it more attractive than if it were ultra spick and span.

Photo walk Taman Prasasti Photo walk Taman Prasasti Photo walk Taman Prasasti

Like I said, the headstones are interesting.

We didn’t look to carefully for the tomb of Olivie Raffles, but that can be a project for another time.

Photo walk Taman Prasasti

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  1. Interesting tour I must say.


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