A Smashing Sunday ‘Twas

Sunday promised to be as hectic as Saturday, but we found time to play ball with Pepper:

Pepper Pepper

Then it was the tube to Camden Lock Market – a place so vibrant that I never wanted to leave.

There were hordes:

And sights:

And smells:

All those divine aromas beckoned us. We couldn’t resist snacking – beer, sangria, wraps, fruit – in spite of the big lunch planned at Dishoom. I finally had my Indian meal out in London, and a very Bambaiyya one at that, vada pav and pav bhaji. Amazing coincidence that another friend, Hemangi, had also recommended this restaurant. Souvik had, uh, butter chicken! And then we walked to some more iconic spots – Trafalgar Square & Buckingham Palace.

And that we’re turning into oldies, we had a night in, for a change, and a cosy, home-cooked dinner.

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