Photowalk in Bosque El Olivar

Yes! I’ve found a lovely group of like-minded people to go with on photo outings. And was enchanted by the Bosque El Olivar, a lovely green patch in San Isidro. This is an olive grove, filled with trees that were planted as saplings imported from Spain in the 1560’s.

Plenty of action by the benches:

And some power play by the pond:

No dearth of green:

Bosque el Olivar B-19Bosque el Olivar B-21Bosque el Olivar B-31Bosque el Olivar B-41Bosque el Olivar B-42Bosque el Olivar B-43Bosque el Olivar B-9Bosque el Olivar B-11

Or any other color:

Ultimately we live to eat! A late breakfast at Don Mamino’s.

Bosque el Olivar B-46

I WILL return to the bosque often, and most certainly at harvest time.

Bosque el Olivar B-12

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  1. What a very delightful walk! I’ve incuded it in my Monday walk tomorrow. I hope you won’t mind? 🙂 🙂


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