A Feast for the Eyes

While the legs and lungs burned calories on our Salkantay trek, the eyes got their share of workout too, taking in the vast vistas of the Andes Cordillera (mountain range). From the snow-capped peaks to the mists in the jungle, from the basic camps to the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu, the landscape changed constantly. The bonds of friendship tested and cemented. It topped everything – the pure air, and the scale of the beauty around us.


Salkantay c-2

Salkantay c-12

A valley of contrasts

Salkantay c-14

The easier part of the ride

Salkantay c-19

One hand on the reins, the other on the shutter

Salkantay c-20

The majestic Apu Salkantay

Salkantay c-16

Heart-in-the-mouth moments

Salkantay c-24

The trek leading up to the Salkantay pass

Salkantay c-27

Definitely the high point of my trip

Salkantay c-38

The last of the snow caps before entering the jungle

Salkantay c-39

Ecosystem on a rock

Salkantay c-41

The camp mirage (ours was hours away, in Chaullay ‘village’)

Salkantay c-47

The stream that became Urubamba

Salkantay c-46

The expression of the shoes said it all. Lucmabamba camp

Salkantay c-48

Coffee, anyone?

Salkantay c-50

When the guide was away, we had our moments of play

Salkantay c-54

From trail to track. Hidroelectric to Aguas Calientes.

Salkantay c-53

Sky, mountain, river, track, gravel.

Salkantay c-55

The finish line: A distant view of the Machu Picchu ‘backside’

Salkantay c-56

Machu Picchu, a name randomly assigned to the site, that stuck.

Salkantay c-63

Because I was there. Before sunrise.

Salkantay c-64

The reimagined roof

Salkantay c-65

Our fearless ‘Inca’ leader: Amoroso

Salkantay c-76

The power of El Sol

Salkantay c-77

Stone walls and blue skies

Salkantay c-78

Windows XV

Salkantay c-80

The part that was visible from down below, when we looked up

Salkantay c-66

Saving the best for last: The magical moment when we all stopped to worship the sun emerging through the mountains

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  1. Beautiful photos..looks like an awesome trek..thank you for sharing!


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