Exploring Lima v2.1

A mixed bag of outings for me, these last couple of months in Lima. I’ve been going out mostly with my school, El Sol, for a number of cultural excursions, trying to keep pace with spoken español, and only managing to understand 15-20%.

Mercado Surquillo: The local market for everything fresh and cheap and exotic.

Casa de Aliaga: You can pass it by without ever knowing the treasures it holds within. But Casa de Aliaga is a home in Lima Centro lived in by the same family over 17 generations, over 4 centuries, and is well worth the visit.

A walk through Lima Centro: Plaza San Martin and Plaza de Armas. I’ve been here before, and never tire of visiting the heart of touristy Lima in these colonial neighbourhoods. A ride on the Metropolitano bus service was an experience in itself.

The Procession of Señor de los Milagros: A half-baked attempt to capture the procession of thousands of people in purple robes, but we arrived too late and ended up running away midway to get our cafe and turrón fix.

Artesanal beer tasting: Helps to understand español better, of course.

My personal favourite: Walk through the graffiti in Barranco. It made my day to see an artist in action, and realise the quantum of talent and effort and art supplies that go into a street side creation. The artist in the photos below is painting under the bridge.


A change of pace

I did it! Finally got back to work from last week, after 2 years of pure idleness, and plenty of fun. Happily, the work is part-time, something that I’ve done in the past, many years ago, so I still have enough time to pursue those leisure activities. Just a little readjusting of priorities, so that I can still carry on with language classes, exploring excursions, photography, and of course, blogging.
And work also means I had to go shopping for that all-important work wardrobe – meaning, I’ve spent a bulk of my salary this month without even earning it first. It’s called an investment ;-).
So I’m going to be selling minimally-invasive medical devices for circulatory disease management (that’s a lot of mumbo jumbo for the average person), a subject that I thoroughly used to love, for its scientific aspects, but I shall write not a single word more on the topic, because this blog shall remain all about my busy life of you-know-what. I have to admit it’s fun to wake up every morning and think about each day differently – Monday office, Tuesday Bahasa Indonesia, Wednesday tour, and so on. Quite a change from not so long ago, in Vietnam, when I could be confused by what day of the week it was, and sometimes even by the time of day! Well, I thrive on variety, so no complaints here.