Life after Sara’s visit to Vietnam!

Reva and Sara went back to Papa dearest last week, but only after 3 weeks of Vietnam overload – food (for Reva, mainly – Banh mi, bun cha, pho, and whatnot), sightseeing, shopping (mostly Reva, some Sara), lake-lantern-balloon-spotting (by Sara), local Vietnamese coffee (not for Sara, obviously), macaroons in all colours (both), unlimited squeals of “xin cháo” (all by Sara), and plenty of scolding me (Aarti-bad girl, why beating Aai?/ why moving in the front – Sit Back/ get up!/ feed me, no Aai feed me/ behave!, don’t pinch, don’t poke, don’t blah blah blah – 100% Sara).

We enjoyed the beach at Hoi An, the lakes in Hanoi, the hills of Sa Pa, the rocks of Cat Ba, the lanes of Hanoi’s old quarters, the scary gigantic teddy bears on display, the beeg aeroplane, the jhugjhuggaadi, boat, cycle, cooking schools, and even the exciting little shop in our building!

Sara learnt a new song – Row, row, row your boat – and made up one – I want chocos, I want doodoo, I want something!

Everyone we met or passed by (Vietnamese or Indian) made a grab for Sara, and cooed over her.

Souvik had to wake up cheerfully every morning to brush teeth and shave with Sara. Sometimes he had to do it twice (“Souvik, I want to shave again!”). He watched no DVD for the entire 3 weeks because nothing was Sara-appropriate.

We all blew bubbles after happy potty sessions, played endless games of “where is Sara? Gone to office?”, and got used to doors being opened and shut endlessly.

After they left, I spent 3 days doing nothing. Not moping really, just sat in the beanbag, read books, played games on my phone. Finally dragged myself up today to tackle the laundry mountain. And cheered up enough to plan 2 parties over the coming weekend. It’s Diwali – time to spruce up the house, decorate with lanterns, get ready for more friends next week. The weather is getting heavenly now, perfect for long walks in the afternoon, and cycling trips for groceries. Joining an art class next week, got to pick up the photography lessons again, and making plans for travelling to Macau, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali – anywhere!



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  1. Loved reading your post. Very well compiled.


  2. I hope to join you sooon..Reading your blog makes me all excited about moving to Vietnam


  3. wait for meeeeee….want to go to bangkok , macau, bali….anywhere too!


  4. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing ? I usually don?t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful ?


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