Kolhapur of our youth, revisited

I’m still recovering from a harried, hectic trip to India, and the blogging mood has stayed safely away until now.

This was not a fun trip (sorry family, it really wasn’t), except for a couple of weekends in Bangalore, but we did manage to accomplish much in the area of various paperwork, license renewals, annual health check ups, so it was definitely worth the effort.

There were a few interesting, eye-opening moments, especially when I got down to one project commissioned by my friend, Rupali, to photograph some of the places in Kolhapur where we grew up. Here goes:

1. Dafle House still looks pretty, but all the open space around it is gone, sadly.



2. Rupali, this was the lane to your home. The house has disappeared, replaced by a colony of boring apartments. Oh, and there’s a Fabindia right outside this lane!


3. Our esteemed school, nothing changed, not one thing! The same old buildings, that little room next to the headmistress’ office, with a photo of the first batch of girls that graduated Class X, brought back memories of why exactly I hated school. All our teachers have retired, and I was just about ‘permitted’ to take a couple of pictures.


4. This seemingly pointless spot is Dabholkar Corner, one of the places that has changed almost completely. See that blue & yellow building on the left? That’s were we had Treasure Island, our favorite library in a shack, now a hotel or office, I don’t care what.




5. Aditya Corner at Tarabai Park – didn’t we spend hours milling around here – Rupali, Zeenath & I? There was a video rental too, which has given way to a sweet shop.

6. Just around Aditya corner, there used to be a Pop’s corner, where we had ice-cream floats occasionally. Now there are apartments, a bunch of cafes, and a big garbage dump across the road.



7. One of the sweet spots – the badminton court. This area has Vivekanand College just down the lane for many years now, transforming it from a sleepy lane to wild buzzing activity.


8. Castle. Need I say more?

I missed Rajaram College in this trip, but promise to add that sometime soon!

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  1. Thanks Aarti for taking the effort to go to all the places ……so much has changed in Kolhapur…..sad to see that Apartments have replaced most of the single family homes….Holy Cross looks the same….I guess some things never change….could hardly recognize the other places like Dabholkar corner but Aaditya corner brought back many happy memories….thanks again.. Will surely show this blog post to family!


  2. Thanks Aarti for taking the effort to go to all the places and taking all the pictures….Kolhapur has changed so much… Looks like all the single family homes that were there have been replaced by apartments…. Holy Cross looks the same I guess somethings never change! Aaditya corner brought back many happy memories….and the other places have changed beyond recognition….thanks again will share with family.


  3. Thank you Aarti for sharing the Holy Cross and Kolhapur pictures. Brought back lot of memories. Our school looks the same…..nothing has changed. I look forward to reading your blog post……


  4. Hi Aarti, i cud not recognise a single place in these pics, even though i go there every hol. Kop has really changed. It has lost its sleepy town charm full of bungalows and huge banyan trees.School is the same and we must go there for the anniv!!!!!!!


  5. Just can u post on princess indumati bunglow…!!!!!!!!!!


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