A Walk Down Jl. Kemang Timur

Last week, a few of us decided to form an informal photography club, mostly to tour the city and take pictures. Only one of them could join me on Friday, but we had a very interesting mid-morning walk on Jl. Kemang Timur.

We started off at Yavani Art – my favourite pottery shop, and walked no more than a couple of km over the 2 hours.


It’s amazing what interesting sights and colors you can see on foot, on a street that I visit every week.




We even discovered a private museum on that busy street, and were awed by the ‘sneak preview’ the guide gave us inside.


The most fun part was all the people we met, most of them amused to chat with us in the local language, and happy to pose for pictures.

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  1. Wonderful walking shoot. Love the photo of the children. Thanks for sharing.



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