Something Old, Something New


After the blue-door-painting project, the corner window needed some nice curtains, not those synthetic shower-curtain lookalikes that came with the house. So on my last trip to Delhi I begged Ma to part with some of her vintage sarees for this noble cause ;-), and came away with an armful. Still, they rested at the bottom of the cupboard while I took my time, half-heartedly looking for a tailor who could make curtains, then almost bought a sewing machine to DIM (do it myself), almost because I decided on a cheap handheld machine which is apparently not available anywhere. Finally, the makeover itch got the better of me – why not use those God-given tools, and some long-forgotten skills of hemming and hawing? The saree length was just right, and the ‘fall’ made great loops.

This was the outcome:







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