Photowalk in Glodok: Not for the faint-hearted!

Our Friday Photo Club went out to Chinatown last week, for obvious reasons. Chinese markets anywhere in the world are exciting places to walk about, and Glodok in Jakarta is no different. We went without a map, without a guide, just following the crowds into the narrow lanes that were ablaze in red for new year festivities. Spoiler: In case you like eating all the stuff that moves, but are grossed out by how they land on your plate, you might want to skip these photos. I was trying to conquer my fear by getting up close, and cheated with the zoom lens a bit! So here are some of the exciting goods on offer:

And some of the innocuous ones:

Plenty of interesting faces:

And hey, it’s the Chinese New Year, so let there be light, and lots of colour!!!

Photo walk - Glodok

Photo walk - GlodokPhoto walk - Glodok Photo walk - GlodokPhoto walk - Glodok

Photo walk - Glodok

Photo walk - Glodok

Gong Xi Fa Cai!



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