The beauty of ruins

This year I joined a study group called Sanctuaries of the Gods, which focuses on the temples or Candi in Indonesia from the Majapahit era, and some more. Last month we went on an excellent tour around the sacred Mount Penanggungan in East Java, to study the structures (or what’s left of them) at Trowulan, and Jalatunda, and some interesting bathing pools. Although there’s a lot of restoration being done, sadly most of the ancient carvings have been displayed at a local museum than at the original sites.

Just an hour out of Surabaya, the landscape changed completely from bustling traffic to green countryside – a great reason to stop for photos.

Study tour

Study tour

Study tour

I’m guessing that’s Mount Penanggungan in the distance

We stayed overnight in an environmental centre PPLH Seloliman – nice place, but roughing it out is good for one night only!

Study tour

The locals in the village had their entertainment at the sight of foreigners peering at what must look like a big pile of stones:

Study tour


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  1. Hi Aarti! Seems like a very interesting trip out Surabaya that you don’t really get to hear. I wonder if you still have the contact for the study group? Thank you in advance!


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