Out of the box – Finally!

It took me years to complete this 1500-pc jigsaw puzzle. I started many years ago, in Bangalore or Mumbai (I can’t remember). When the face was done, Ma said it reminded her of the time when Durga idols are made, and everyone awaits the completion of the eyes!

After the figure was done I took a pause because there were about a thousand black pieces, and no patience left. Then we moved house, and country, and another country. The half-done puzzle stayed secure in layers of newspaper all that time.


It was only after our France vacation that the urge to complete the puzzle present itself. Here in Jakarta we are blessed with plenty of outdoor space and bright sunshine, the perfect setting for bending over hundreds of small black pieces. Still it took me another 3 months before I could enjoy the masterpiece in all its glory.


An interesting trivia is that Mona Lisa has no eyebrows! It came up in a quiz on one of our travels, and I had to check the picture after getting home.

So many memories associated with a single jigsaw puzzle, and the icing on the cake is that Mia approves of it!


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  1. Beautiful puzzle but more interesting is Mia’s pose…she surely is enjoying Monalisa’s company.


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