Wandering along Antasari

During the time I got lazy about blogging, I was actually rather busy, catching up with friends after everyone’s summer travels, buying a new lens, and squeezing in a few photo walks.

We’ve discovered so many photo ops around town, but sometimes we run out of ideas where to go, or we have time constraints and want to stay close to home. This time, we picked Jalan Antasari, somewhere in between Ana’s house and mine.

There is almost nothing pretty in this route. All the old roadside shops were moved away to make way for the big new flyover. There’s a small cramped enclosed market called Pasar Cipete, which doesn’t inspire too much, especially after seeing some of the bigger open air traditional markets. Still we persisted.

Then we came to a kampung behind the SOS Clinic, where we spotted a masjid. It was time for the Friday prayers, and the gaggle of kids that followed us through the kampung took us to the masjid. We waited until the prayers were over, and passed the time taking pictures. To our delight, not only did the men exiting the mosque want their pictures taken, one of the officials even gave us a tour of the place, and the kids posed away happily.

Every single photo walk we marvel at the friendly open nature of the people who welcome us strangers so warmly.




Some newly developed portraiture skills and willing models:

Photo walk Antasari

Photo walk Antasari Photo walk Antasari Photo walk Antasari Photo walk Antasari Photo walk Antasari Photo walk Antasari


We rewarded ourselves (!!!) with a very pleasant lunch at Yamas Greek restaurant on Jalan Prapanca Raya to end this exciting walk.


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  1. like these images of real life. storytelling


  2. lovely images Aarti 🙂


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