Air and Water

The Indonesian word for water is ‘air’. And we’re having problems with both lately.

The volcano Kelud in East Java erupted yesterday, and its impact is being felt all over Java as well as Bali. Kelud is situated in East Java; its eruption sent ash flying for miles around, and the winds carried it all the way up to Bandung in West Java, just a 150-odd km from Jakarta, over 600 km from the volcano. There’s so much ash, especially around the site of the eruption, that they closed down the airports nearby, covered the heritage sites of Borobudur and Prambanan with tarpaulin to protect the structures from the ash. The air is not fit to breathe, people are wearing face masks, and hundreds of thousands have been evacuated. Some pretty scary pictures here.

While these people have to battle health, loss of home and other critical issues, at home we had a borewell pump breakdown, and suddenly it seems the world is coming to an end with no running water in taps. We had the handymen spend an entire day installing a temporary replacement until the broken one got fixed. That involved a lot of breaking into the floor, cutting up the pipes, and plenty of clearing up to do. The good news (for us) is that this is Jakarta, and we are spoiled by an army of helpers, so we don’t need to do more than lift a finger to phone for help. The guys know what they’re doing, and the best help we can give is to stay out of their way, not disturbing them with our many questions that they have to rack their brains to answer in English. That bit is the torture, I believe.

Water tank 1

So while they installed this temp, we packed our bathing things, and went over to a friend’s house nearby for the much-needed ablutions. Followed by a hearty lunch at Antipodean Cafe in Kemang. Like I said, we are spoiled. We could also spend the day any number of malls while the people worked, but thankfully it hasn’t come to that. In fact, the replacement pump has been doing well, and we have a few more days of respite.

The tiny overhead tank has been filling up ok, and I have been bathing everyday, I swear!

Water tank 2


My post for the “Treasure” Photo Challenge was to be a picture of the shower with running water, but I dare not waste any!


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