A bonus in October

All my bags are packed

I’m ready to go….

An unexpected bonus travel sets my heart racing! Souvik has to work and I get to do my own thing. 10 days of outdoor in the country with the most fickle weather. For once, Souvik has more luggage than I do, and I can’t stop gloating. What does a man need 3 pairs of shoes for!!!

Just downloaded the travel guide, and gonna spend the entire duration of the flight reading up some history. There’s far too much of it, and not enough time to see everything. If only I could spot Colin Firth, or David Beckham, or Hugh Grant or Prince William, there would be no reason to look for any more ‘sights’. Polished my Jane Austen English accent with the nieces. The cab’s here, I better get moving.

England, here we come!

Categories: Travel, Walking in England

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