Tread boldly in Garden Yonder as Banished is Thy Dog Poo

I had expected all of England to be well-connected by bus and train, but apparently Warwick is not on that map. The best connected town from Warwick is Royal Leamington Spa (which is not really a spa any more), so that’s where I headed, with a half-baked plan to hire a car to drive myself around.

The bus to Leamington is easy access, and I had my usual late start. This place is now known best for its shopping, and how! I made a quick getaway from the shopping-focused Regent street to the visitor information centre. Not that much to ‘see and do’, but I did the no-brainer tour of the Royal Pumps Room gallery that showed what the town was like in its heyday of mineral spa treatments and baths.

Walking in LeamingtonWalking in Leamington

The walk through Jephson Gardens was much more rewarding from the ‘eye-candy’ aspect – the colours of autumn were a joy to behold. I missed my Friday Photo Club friends on this walk!

Next was a quick peek into the All Saints’ Church before grabbing a sandwich at the Big Cup Cafe across the street.

Walking in Leamington Walking in Leamington Walking in Leamington

Finally I mustered up the courage to walk up to the car hire people and booked myself a small car for the next 2 days. Once that deal was done, I walked all the way back to Warwick, past pretty neighbourhoods and leafy lanes, for a well deserved coffee and cake in town.

Walking in Leamington Walking in Leamington Walking in Leamington

And if you would like to know the exact path I walked on, here it is:

Met Souvik & Jamie for a delicious Thai dinner at The Art Kitchen for a much needed dose of spice.

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