A girly weekend

Last month, amidst all my frantic shopping in Delhi, Ma bought a ghagra-choli for Sara. Fit perfectly, and Sara had just the right expression for it:

Reva wanted to have Sara’s hair cut.




Reva baked a halla bread (hope I got the name right) to take back for Ma. Share the recipe, Revs.

Then Mallika & Aditi came over to bake cupcakes as a surprise for papa (Ganesh).

While Adu quickly moved out of the kitchen for more boisterous games with Sara, Molly did the hard work for some great results.

I couldn’t stay to watch the frosting, but Vrinda did let me know that they were nicely surprised, and very very thrilled!

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  1. Its ‘Challah’… pronounced as Halla 🙂


  2. Very nice girly weekend. Loved the post.


  3. Love girly weekend Aarti My lil one Ragini loved it she too wants to make the huge bread Aarti HELP MADI…


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