The World’s Smallest Sovereign State

Day 2
It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep any more, partly from jet lag, and some from stressing over how will we get to the Vatican in time for our museum entry.

I got out of bed at some bizarre hour and managed to stay quiet until daylight. We had an early start to see the Museo Vaticano and were delighted with the discovery of a metro station at a 5 min walk from home. Rushed over to the meeting point, past the loooong queues, and realized that our tickets were for the next day! However, this is Italy, and they let us in with no fuss. Amusing that the group coordinator looked like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn 🙂
Once in, we were on our own, and the first thing to catch my eye was 1000 piece puzzles of the paintings of Michaelangelo and Raphael. Bought one of each at the end of our tour and lugged them around for the rest of the day.
Museo Vaticano – marvelloso.
Capella Sistine – breathtaking and spellbinding.
Basilica San Pietro – jaw-dropping.

We managed to get our simcards and connectivity – now we are on ‘Wind’.
Dinner at a ristorante filled with locals and 2 tourists (us).

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  1. eccellente, splendido, fabulous-o! have you been pigging out on Gelatos?


  2. awesome picts you got there dude 🙂


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