Do bageeche, hazaaron phool

February was the season for flowers in Delhi, and I had my visual feast, all around town.

I caught up with my friend, Dola, at the Garden of Five Senses:

The flowers were predictably amazing:

And the vegetables, surprisingly charming:

The garden was made more festive with some added colour and interesting sounds:

Not to forget the holy cow!

Then the Mughal gardens were opened to public. After having heard rave reviews from Ma over the years, I insisted on dragging her and Joy back there to see the glory of the President’s estate. No electronics were allowed inside, and these pictures are all I could manage from the outside:

I wouldn’t call it a garden, as much as a display of gorgeous flowers – not a leaf out of place. I guess the ‘no cameras, no mobiles’ rule kept the chaos out, and all the senses on full alert. Well worth a visit.


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  1. Garden of 5 senses??!!


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