A day of growing up

Souvik & I celebrated our (same day) birthday amidst numerous birthday wishes on phone & internet, as with our local friends, all wanting to know what cake was baking on that day (especially with the diet in the picture).

I baked a very easy orange cake with great results. Everyone who ate it assured me that it tasted great, while I resisted the temptation:

Souvik & I cut it together, with Bushra doing the honors of taking our picture.

Later, I skipped the diet for dinner, and we went out to our favourite French restaurant, La Badiane , for divine food. They changed their menu, especially the vegetarian plate, and we have only praises for them!

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  1. I only wish you had a birthday every week..The cake was out of the world !


  2. Yumm! What is cooking / baking for anniversary? Happy Anniversary!!


  3. Both of you are looking very nice.


  4. Thanks all.

    Shweta – you lucky girl!

    Suman – didn’t bake anything yesterday. Am planning to bake those yummy oreo cupcakes from the link you shared 😛


  5. Not even a sliver??!!


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