Tam Coc & Hoa Lu

It’s always fun to discover something new in Vietnam with every guest that comes visiting. With Aparna & Deven, the lucky spot was Tam Coc – a place I’ve wanted to go for quite a while. A long-ish drive to Hoa Lu in wet weather in a cramped bus, and most of us unprepared for the rain. The vendors outside the citadel met their daily targets by selling us raincoats and bright helicopters that li’l Nishad couldn’t do without.

Nishad enjoying a splash while the women look on in glee

Hoa Lu

Citadel guards

The caped crusaders

Holy buffalo

The lunch was very light, and rather disappointing for Deven who was expecting a 40-item buffet. All the better for the boat people who had to row us down the river for around 7 km past rice paddies and limestone rocks.

The natural beauty of the region took our breath away, and the rain mercifully stayed away for the duration of the ride. The wily boat ladies from the ‘floating market’ had some tricks up their sleeve, and didn’t let go the opportunity of having a captive audience to make a sale or two. I volunteered my services for rowing a bit, which enabled the lady to open her bag of t-shirts and other handicrafts to sell.

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  1. Nice…except for the bit of ugliness in the middle… 😉
    How did Her Royal Ugliness permit you to use her picture??


  2. row row ur boat achi lag rahi hai madamji

    humne halla bread net se le kar bana hi liya will mail u the pics acha bana majja


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