Inside Museum Bahari

My exploration of Jakarta is totally ON! Picked up an excellent book called Jakarta Explorers – it’s got hundreds of sights to see, and I’m on the mission.

If you recall, I was quite impressed by Sunda Kelapa (at least by its photogenic quality), and my next visit was to the Maritime Museum Bahari and Menara Syahbandar. The buildings are so interesting. Built by the Dutch as a warehouse and lookout tower, the museum has some cool exhibits of their maritime history. There’s too much information for me to absorb in one shot, but the atmosphere around the museum is wonderful! Enhanced by bunches of local kids who couldn’t care about the exhibits really, but were having a whale of a time getting out into the open.

Menara Syahbandar - the tower

A view of Museum Bahari and Pasar Ikan from the tower

Sunda Kelapa in the distance



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