Day 8: The Big Shower

If you went to North America and saw a street that looked like this, where would you be?



I can believe Vegas or L.A. looking like this (which they do), but never Niagara Falls, that too on the Canadian side! In my mind, there was a lot of untamed, rugged landscape, and loud gushing of the waterfall heard from a mile away, and loud gasps at the first sighting of this awesome phenomenon.

Well, the gasps were there, but only at the street leading up to the falls. Shahana had warned us of the tacky marketplace, so we weren’t surprised, only disappointed. Lunch put us all in a good mood, and the sight of the falls cheered us immensely.


We had plenty of photographs of course:



And we just HAD to do the ride on the Maid of the Mist to get up close to the falls, like every other tourist out there. What can I say? It was wet and wild!







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  1. Funtastic!!!


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