Naughty and nice

I made a bunch of Christmas goodies, mostly to gift away, but I can’t seem to stop licking my fingers!
From one of my favourite sites,

Sinful chocolate truffles:


Very tempting peppermint bark:


And irresistible peanut butter fudge:


All of them were deceptively simple to make – no-bake, only melt and chill – but the sense of accomplishment is great. And taste? Well, what do you expect from melted chocolate, lots of butter, cream and sugar?
Happy holidays, everyone!


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  1. I am totally copying this next Christmas….how did you pack them?


  2. Merry X mas and hope you have a rocking time!!


  3. send some with POA.


  4. My favourite baking website too…..i tried the chocolate new york cheesecake,……delicious


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